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I thought I was doing the right thing by feeding my dog premium dry food.

But then I found out that most kibble is full of junk!

So what should you look for when buying dog food?

This is what I discovered...

1 - Protein not Wheat

Dogs do better on high protein diets.

They don't do as well with higher amounts of wheat & grains (as found in most commercial pet foods).

High protein means better energy and less GI problems for your dog.

2 - Food not "Feed"

Most dog foods are classified as "Feed" not food.

And some kibble is legally made from 4D meat: meat from dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals.

So look for human-grade dog food which has higher quality ingredients and is cooked according to food safety standards.

These are the 9 Worst Brands To Feed Your Dog

3 - Fresh is Best

Canned and kibble food is highly processed.

So they add synthetic vitamins, minerals and artificial flavoring to make it edible.

Fresh foods are better for your dog because they can absorb real nutrients more easily.

4 - Stay away from Preservatives

Preservatives are used to ensure a long shelf life.

Many artificial preservatives can be toxic to dogs if used over a long period of time.

5 - Foods To Avoid

Never feed your dog chocolate, onions, grapes raisins, and macadamia nuts!

6 - Don't Overfeed!

An overweight dog has less energy & this also shortens their life-span.

7 - Consider Home Cooking

Feeding your dog leftovers from dinner?

Unfortunately there might still be key elements missing for your dog's health.

A balanced diet must meet all of dogs essential vitamin, mineral, and amino acid requirements.

Luckily it doesn't have to be expensive!

Want to make dog food at home on a budget?

Watch this video to find out how:

Want to improve your dog's health & add years to their life?

Then I highly recommend this site "Dog Food Secrets" for recipes:

Below is one of their recipes that shows:

- Exact ingredients & measures
- Calorie & sodium counts
- Step-by-step method for cooking
- Cooking duration & preparation time
- How much to feed your dog based on their size
- Tips & notes
- Health rating

So if you never want to guess about what you're feeding your dog again...

Then "Dog Food Secrets" is for you!

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